Gintas K — Amnesia

Here is a new album by Lithuanian composer Gintas Kraptavicius, more known to the world of experimental music as Gintas K. The title of the album that consists of just one long track is Amnesia which means partial or complete loss of memory. This symptom or effect is oddly specific and weird to my mind. And it is difficult to imagine anyone who would lose their memories in order to record music. What would that kind of thing result into?

I hope that Gintas does not have amnesia himself. I can only guess his intention was to associatively reproduce the state of mind one experiences due to amnesia. And the result of his experiment is rather intriguing. Being a true virtuoso of digital processing, Gintas created an impressive collage of radical and sometimes aggressive sounds, partly supported by atmospheric clusters, fragmental piano, electronic keyboards and modulars, elements of concrete music etc.

This album is quite different from Gintas's other works. This time around we got a lot of noise, glitch and industrial; at times the album sounds like an improvised set, recorded in real time. On the other hand, this work could be described as a symphony that consists of different parts, different moods, dynamics and densities, carefully structured and processed.

In any case, Amnesia by Gintas K is another great work of the outstanding composer and sound producer.

Gintas K

Author: Alexei Borisov