Markus Guentner — Gradient Spirits

The new work by German musician Markus Guentner is a composition called Gradient Spirits. It's a one hour long track that resulted from live improvisation at Guentner's studio in Regensburg. According to the label's bandcamp, the title Gradient Spirit refers to "the changing beliefs and experiences of today's world, with the idea that there is no right or wrong way to believe - just the guidance of your spirit". It's a reasonable idea for modern times, to my mind, but the reality (especially the behavior of people) is always different and unpredictable, at times harmful to other human beings. It will be beneficial (both spiritually and psychologically) for many people to listen to this kind of deep and meditative music offered to us by Markus in his album. 

The result of Guentner's improvisation is a high quality dark ambient composition, although the music is partly not so dark and sometimes even bright, which is good. It provides an excellent opportunity not only to relax, but to also think about everything and maybe even get rid of some of those wrong and negative things we often keep in our minds.

It's really cool to listen to this music in headphones, while lounging outside! If you do so, you can truly hear all the details and nuances of the recording, and if in a philosophical mood, to feel isolated from the surrounding reality and reunited with the Universe at the same time.