Gimmik — Entre les chambres

Austrian musician Martin Haidinger is coming back to the music scene after almost a 20-year absence. His newest work, Entre les chambres was already issued a year ago as a limited edition on audio cassettes under the label Hidden Reality, created by his old friend Chris Cunningham, a member of the project Abfahrt Hinwil.

The American label n5MD that has not so long ago made the world discover a talented braindance project Suumhow, decided to re-issue this release on vinyl.

Perhaps, many were expecting to hear some sort of melancholic IDM, the musician's signature sound that got developed back in the late 90s/early 00s, but Gimmik decided to surprise everyone by preparing something in a different genre.

Both 19-minute long compositions featured in the album are united by an air-like quality of the sound and warmth-carrying synths that are so reminiscent of the melancholic moods so well known from the author's previous work. At times, amidst all this music structure, we can even hear voices and static that are typical of radio communication. The tracks are true symphonies that stylistically fit inbetween ambient and drone, taking the best qualities from both of those genres. It feels like, the sound of this release is perfectly crystalline and fresh. It is as if the audience went for an infinite voyage across the sea or the ocean in solitude, completely on their own.

So, as a whole, Entre les chambres can be called a more serious and deep kind of work that features both the old beloved by the audience elements, and a brand new sound for the musician as well.


Author: Ilya Kudrin