Kruml & Jovet — L'humanité en interf​é​rence

Czech sound artist Jan Kruml presents another release done in collaboration with a French composer Eric Jovet. Getting inspiration from a film adaptation of Solaris by Andrei Tarkovsky, the duo was able to create a hyperdimensional private world for each of the potential listeners.

The release consists of 2 sides of the same duration that impress with its massive sound and monumentality. L'humanité en interf​é​rence  can be characterized as a psychedelic noise although those genre boundaries are almost invisible after the close listen. Another good thing about the record is that it allows you to have your own, personal interpretation. A structural psychedelia, the sense of gigantism and philosophy - that’s only a tiny basic part of L'humanité en interf​é​rence.

Although the sound on both compositions follows the same trajectory, it objectively explores various angles of the same matter. The musicians are appearing to be thinkers just like the mysterious thinking ocean of Solaris. 

It definitely worth your time to listen because we see a quite rare example of conceptualism in art without a desire to conform to the modern tendencies. In those 32 minutes you will be able to dive deep into the detailed space which works under the stable principles of its creators.


Author: Ilya Kudrin