Various Artists — Nuthre Remixes

Jeff Morton is a classically trained musician with a background in jazz and a penchant for the avant-garde style and approach. These four original tracks (under the moniker Nuthre) were never released and therefore can’t be referenced, so here we have reinterpretations of mysterious material that was sitting in a dusty box for many years. The material dates back to 2006 and was found during the Panospria label relocation to Saskatoon in early 2022. The original stem files were sent to the selected artists to get inspired and create these impressive new versions, each in their own unique style. This remix album serves to display the current electronic scene across Canada.

For the opening track we have the Guelph-based artist Blunderspublik. In his version you can feel that there is someone having a good time behind a pad controller and the result is a rich cut-up down beat/tempo version of Too Bad. Second version is by Tomas Jirku, who is also a talented photographer. He created a long, consistent remix with a very nice melodic flow throughout. After a dynamic, electronic, repetitive approach by Camp we have a fourth version of Too Bad by the Montreal-based musician Gyges. His rhythmic ambient version has some nice drone synths creating an engaging soundscape. Vancouver-based Ross Birdwise executed a cinematic version of Nightstalker 2000, followed by Nervous Operator whose catchy moves and minimal fragments of melody result in an atmospheric remix with slow, floating beats.

In the second part of this release we get four remixes of Be Too Real and things get more rhythmical. The first version is a very spatial dub by Journeymann Trax, followed by the Victoria-based techno act Righteous Rainbows of Togetherness who created a staccato version in a deep glitch style akin to early Trentemøller output. The Be Too Real remix by Montreal act Turner Of Wheels has a hissy, reverberated, pitched up vibe while Vancouver-based artist Kuma brings a breakbeat invocation with a lounge vocal and surprising electronic jazz elements. The closing track is an acid techno version of Zombie Party 1984 by producer VC Vibes (aka Jon Vaughn, hailing from Regina) that will make you jump out of your comfortable sofa.

In total we have over one hour of reinterpretations in a fascinating blend of 11 remixes done by Canadian electronic producers of electronic music. We hope that the Panospria label will continue with similar compilations in the future and bring us more interesting and talented names.


Author: Jan Kruml