Bill Seaman & Stephen Spera — Architectures Of Light

Architectures Of Light is a joint work of two sound sculptors: Bill Seaman, a professor of Duke University from North Carolina and Stephen Spera, sound and visual artist from New York. Both work in different fields of modern art, music and science, respectively. By exchange of audio files they managed to create an excellent album which could be categorized stylistically as ambient. The spectrum of instruments and sound sources used for the recordings is wide: from legendary FM synth DX7, piano and digital percussion by Seaman to tapedeck and different electronics by Spera. Most of the tracks are based on field and non-location recordings. It makes the sound of the album more complex and rich.

Some other participants of the album are worth to be mentioned as well.

The opening track Tswana sounds like a song due to the voice of Miriam Moseki, recorded twenty years ago in South Africa. Originally it was a hymn from her tribe. Other contributors are Tamalyn Miller (voice for Rooms Reflect and Crowds), Milena Scriabin (reading and voice on M's Dice) and Magnus Gramen on sax.

The album has been supplied by 55 copies of CDR with hand made packaging, which are already sold out! The digital version also sounds great, it's even difficult to stop listening to the album at some point.



Author: Alexei Borisov