Crows Labyrinth / Distant Fires Burning / Jon Doe One / Stratosphere — Bassbients

It's rather unique to review an album recorded by four different bass guitarists. Moreover, Bassbients, released by Moatun 7, is not a trivial recording, when musicians demonstrate their phenomenal technique of playing slap or high speed fingering.

In our case we have an album of dark and atmospheric ambient, full of interesting sound fragments and details, produced not only by using a bass guitar I guess, but some electronics and effects as well.

Four bass players, representing their own projects, such as Crows Labyrinth, Distant Fires Burning, Jon Doe One and Stratosphere made a sound exchange to create an excellent piece of music. According to the comments to the album each recorded a track which he passed on to the next, who in his turn did overdubs to pass it onto the next. It means that all four players contributed to all four tracks.

The album has been released as a limited 12" record, which is already sold out. But the digital version by itself sounds great! Highly recommended not only to bass players, but to all lovers of ambient and experimental music in general.


Móatún 7

Author: Alexei Borisov