MaskXSoul — Onegin


Onegin is an album created by a brand new international project featuring a unique combination of participants. Alexander Korenkov, an established classically trained vocalist (baritone) who has performed with such famous directors and composers as Vladimir Yurovsky, Valery Gergiev and Anton Batagov. His voice is exquisitely accompanied by Dmitry el-Demerdashi (suz, oud), Tatyana Selivanova (piano), Jason Kohnen (electronics, sound production) and Ghofan Zeino (viola).

Onegin is a character from a famous poem by Alexander Pushkin, "Eugene Onegin" that has inspired composers, theatre directors and all types of artistic people all around the globe. This album is an original work of art dedicated to the great Russian poet, celebrating his 222nd anniversary (June 6).

Onegin seems to be a very successful attempt to mix Russian vocal tradition with oriental and classical instruments, backed by the electronics of Jason Kohnen. It is difficult to classify the style of the composition and may not be necessary to begin with, but the spirit of the Denovali music is obviously present in this song. The main track has also been skillfully remixed by Mansur and The Lovecraft Sextet, residents of Denovali records. The final remix was made by a Moscow-based ambient producer Mihail Kidt, a friend and a long term collaborator of Alexander Korenkov.

The sound of the recording is truly great. The main material was recorded by Dmitry Zaytsev at Mars Records and mastered by the legendary American guitarist and producer James Plotkin.

This recording is only the beginning of a more global project.