Kenneth Kirschner & Joseph Branciforte — From the Machine: Volume 1


One of the results of the ongoing collaboration between the two prolific composers is an excellent album called From the Machine, Volume 1 It is a great representation of the interest that both masters have in software-based compositional techniques, including algorithmic processes, generative systems, and, at some point, the uncertainty of the result. This modern technique of composing is habitually used in the field of electronic or electro-acoustic music, but for the album at hand it was decided to only use acoustic instruments, such as cello, violin, viola, piano and double bass. The members of the Flux Quartet and the International Contemporary Ensemble carefully and skillfully reproduce generated scores that the composers picked out for them.

The first track APRIL 20, 2015 (for piano and two cellos) is a result of the compositional efforts of Kenneth Kirschner, arranged by Joseph Branciforte. It is a minimalistic meditative piece that could be described as contemporary or chamber music.

The second track 0123 (for low string quartet), composed by Branciforte, is a looped cluster of sounds, created only by string instruments in a low register. It reminds me of something ritualistic and sounds really impressive to my mind.

It would be a shame not to mention the excellent work in terms of sound engineering, editing and mastering provided by Ryan Streber at Oktaven and Joseph Branciforte at Greyfade studio. The album is also available on vinyl and could be a valuable item for somebody's collection of modern experimental music.