Arc Rae — Primitive

The musician hiding behind the stage name Arc Rae currently resides in Berlin and his art is based on loops and copious soundscapes.

The album Primitive, already beginning with its title, spices up the listener's life with warm uncomplicated melodies, gentle crackling and convoluted rhythmic structures. The music of the album helps you enjoy the present moment, the landscapes you are surrounded by. The composition Atlas finds an original way to organically combine experimental rhythms and inserts of bird singing. The beginning of the track Pick Your Poison evokes an involuntary image of warm sand and a sunny day in the mind of the listener. There is a clear reference to the click esthetic in the spirit of the late 90s and early 00s.

Primitive teaches you to enjoy everything you have, and for some reason I thought of material things in particular. It is as if the album clearly conveyed each household item in its audio equivalent. Here is a clicking sound that impersonates a hyperactive child moving on top of a leather coach, and here are airy ambient parts that stand for the room fan moving air around. The track Spirit Animal causes us to experience an extremely calm, tranquil, warm and hypnotic state.

The composition Body Language contains a much perkier kind of rhythm with an audible bass part. It manages to tenderly cover the whole audio canvas with streams of water. Arc Rae possesses a large enough sound inventory in order to uncover all kinds of various moods for the audience while having two fundamental sonic principles in mind: warm coloring and a sound flexibility that allows the artist to speak the same language as the audience.