Bok Bok — Zodiac Beats Vol.1 & 2

Alex Sushon from South London, more known as Bok Bok, a resident of the Night Slug record label, just released a new album called Zodiac Beats Vol.1 & 2. This album, supported by a double EP tape of beats, serves as a debut for a new label, AP Life.

The musical chemistry of Zodiac Beats is exhaustively described in the press info of the album: "Densely layered synths and pitch-bending bass slides combined with glitching hi-hats, robotic percussion, refracted diva samples and demented chants. Melodies are menacing, dirge-like, propelled into rhythmic shapes by Effectrix patterns.

Stylistically, it could be classified as a well balanced combination of sonic experiments based on trip-hop, IDM, glitch, minimal noise etc. Such a complex bouquet creates the atmosphere of post-industrial urban existence of a young person, emotionally reflecting surrounding reality. Another fragment of the press info precisely describes the social background of this work: "…Zodiac Beats Vol.1&2 imagines a soundtrack to reluctant plateaus, destroyed urban landscapes, grimey mosh pits - with the inaccessible wealth of the Other London always looming just out of shot". It seems like South London has become a platform for a new multi-national scene of modern electronica of high quality and skill. In conclusion, I'd like to say that "Zodiac Beats” is an excellent work, radical and beautiful at the same time, full of intriguing audio material.


AP Life