Jeremy Young — Dizzy, Congested Musick

The Canadian Jeremy Young is known for his experiments in the field of musique concrete, tape manipulations, but not only…Dizzy, Congested Musick album demonstrates the complexed approach of Young to produce interesting experimental staff. He started the process from using vinyl records as basic material and continued to improvise with electric guitar, oscillators, electromagnetic fields and found tapes discovered on eBay. He also has been supported a little bit by other musicians, provided additional sound fragments and drones to some tracks. 
So, the main source is vinyl of commercial, pop, sometimes oriental music, manipulated in real time by hands on turntable. Young uses quite long audio samples and it even makes them semi-recognizable. At the same time, speed changes and other tricks with turntable, plus additional sounds from other sources create rather psychedelic or surrealistic atmosphere, some sort of dizzy trip through weird music spaces. Dizzy, Congested Musick is an excellent album. it’s not an  easy listening release, but at the same time surprisingly very listenable. It could be enjoyable not for the true fans of experimental music or different artistic people, but for wider audience as well.

Jeremy Young

Author: Alexei Borisov