Joseph Branciforte & Theo Bleckmann — LP1

The album LP1 is a result of the collaboration of two highly prolific musicians - electronic specialist, composer and multi-instrumentalist Joseph Branciforte and famous German vocalist, currently based in New York, Theo Bleckmann. The duo spent some time at Branciforte's studio in Brooklyn improvising with voice, electronics, modulars, found objects and such instruments as Fender Rhodes. The result is an excellent album, based on these improvisations, neatly processed and edited by Branciforte. Vocal loops of beautiful voice of Bleckmann carefully framed by gentle noises and clicks, synthesized tones, subharmonics and atmospheric sounds. The album in general could be categorized as an ambient record, but with strong elements of free improvisation and microsound. LP1 opened the series of records by greyfade, the new label by Branciforte. According to the announcement the label "will be releasing high-resolution editions of experimental electronic music, algorithmic composition and minimalist forms of acoustic and chamber music". The debut album LP1 by the duo is a good start for greyfade!

Joseph Branciforte
Theo Bleckmann

Author: Alexei Borisov