Roel Funcken — Bloid Fraxton EP

Roel Funcken - is an electronic music composer, known 
as the cornerstone of Funckarma and many other projects, such as Legiac, Shadow Huntaz, Eavenwhere he creates music pearls with his brother Don. Funckarma is paused for several years now and Roel is using his spare time in 
his pleasure. Balaklavskiy Prospex album was released this year on Funcken Industry (Roel and Don’s net label), followed by Bloid Fraxton EP.

The first track Circuit Interference is Roel’s familiar signature with its powerful, slappy bass with drum & bass bits threaded together by electronic melody. This track is followed by Floid Braxton – with complex IDM rhytms and memorable tune, which I have to say go through all four EP tracks.

Your journey concludes with an acidic melody of Prey Anthom and the melancholic track, Spoven BrainchopsThis is another hearty present from Roel Funcken for all electronic music fans.

The EP is released on Funcken Industry for download. Mastering by Bob Macciochi at SC Mastering.