Darren McClure and Arovane — Nest

Electronic musician from the Northern Ireland, Darren McClure, known for his albums Softened EdgesSemi
Lines Inverted, and also ambient co-works with such musicians as OfftheskyMiguel IsazaJose Soberanes 
got together this time with Uwe Zahn (Arovane) to record a joint project titled Nest.

The album opens with the first track Burrow, which brings images of the eternal water flow through a peculiar pipework, located at the bottom of the ocean. Not sure whether the track used any field recordings, but in any case it has a very interesting and unusual sound.

The next track, Scrape, is the sequel to our underwater trip. Minimalistic melody filled with tranquility and calm dissolves you in its atmosphere. Starting from the first sounds the listener falls deeper and deeper in the world 
of the endless ocean.

The fourth composition Cavity is charged with the energy of the Sun, the Earth and all living creatures. The sounds are in the perfect harmony with the powerful and pervasive synthesizer line.

The release ends with Nest, which has an exquisite combination of the melody with field recordings. Hissing, drops and clicks – provide the unique background to the track. Forest sounds make their way towards the end of the track, when you start hearing the movement of leaves and branches as a woodman or a mushroom picker moves through the forest with his basket.

The album Nest is very varied and diverse, slowly moving from the water to the ground. Its mood is best described as a peaceful calm. The album is very deep, and yet expressive that you get all the details and elements that make up the tracks

At this point we will let listeners to get to know the album by themselves and get their imagination working, while wishing the musicians good luck with their future projects.

Darren McClure

Author: Ilya Kudrin