Bola — D.E.G.

This spring of 2017 was one of the most prolific springs of all time in terms new music releases – many musicians and bands produced new records, despite long periods of silence, in some cases of more than 10 years. Waiting for the new record from Bola seemed like eternity, while waiting I played his records so many times that some of them turned into dust!

The album was released towards the end of the spring, 26 of May, on Skam Records, home to all Bola’s previous releases. The album begins with the track Fhorth, melodic ambient from Bolamachine, where incredibly deep, cosmic sound immediately fills the space around you. This is a very confident beginning, practiced only by confident masters of music.

Herzzatzz has a fine multilayered structure, it traps you just like an invisible web. First beats introduce the music theme slowly and graciously, hypnotizing you, so deep that you only awake with the start of the next track, Landor 50X2. This track returns you to senses, sparking dynamics and motion around, according to best practices of IDM music.

The album has three tracks of the same story, one after another: Pelomen Vapour 1, 2, 3, quite different from each other. I heard Pelomen Vapour 1 first on Soundcloud, before this album got even released. This track has a steady and progressive melody taking you to the second part of the story, which has a more mechanistic sound, reminding us of the constant motion set in Bola’s previous record Kroungrine. Pelomen Vapour 3 – is a special theme, which lets you experience weightlessness and see extraterrestrial visual patterns.

This long awaited work of Bola, is very hard to put in words. The album is very deep and multilayered. I encourage you to have a listen and make own your opinion. D.E.G. is magic book with gems hidden between the pages. Electronic music from Britain has always maintained its high level, proven once again by this release.

I have no idea how long it took Darrell Fitton to produce this masterpiece, presumably less than ten years, but from the first sounds of the first track I knew that it is aimed at serious and thoughtful listening.

Album cover resembles a liquid of unknown material detached from the sea of dreams, ready to give the birth to the new life form. The album has a silvery, rolling sound, which we heard many times on previous records of Bola, yet always fresh, creating reality inside existing reality. This record is a collection of surreal images, feelings, the new source of hope and inspiration.

In my mind, this is the best release concluding this spring from the Skam label. I really hope to hear new records of this legendary label in the future. It is a so hard to live on one record per year ration. If you reading this guys: We need more of your music out here!!!