Luca Forcucci — The Waste Land

One more cassette release that came out on the label Crónica. This record serves best to start exploring the world of the noise music. This is truly a textbook example of experimental electronic music! I had a feeling that I opened the window and a real thunderstorm with heavy rain and wind rushed into the room. Apparently the thunderstorm came from the wastelands, inspired by the opening title track The Waste Land. All three tracks of this release, The Waste Land, Voices from the Coal Mine, My Extra Personal Space, display the author's most serious attitude towards processing sound. It gives us the impression of listening to a news report from an inexistent city. 

I haven't encountered this kind of records ever since a series of CD releases Mort Aux Vaches; the album The Waste Land surpasses the conventional notion of music by a long shot. The Italian school of noise ever since the days of Luigi Russolo has been a special interest for an in-depth inspection and stays this way even today. This very release, The Waste Land is no exception. Hypnotic time-stretched landscapes, ever-changing noise constructions, an incredible and anxious architecture of sound, strange voices, troubled territories... I have no idea what miraculous method Luca Forcucci uses to create his noisy masterpieces, but you can clearly detect the hand of a true master. Album cover photo by Luca Forcucci, mastered by Taylor DeupreeCrónica, limited edition 100 copies.