Gintas K — Under My Skin

Lithuanian musician Gintas K released his new work on Crónica label called Under My Skin. This is a cassette release in limited edition of 100 copies. I think that with Under My Skin album the author found his original sound, which he was reaching for a long time. 

I’ve listened to a number of his records, but only Under My Skin release was truly impressive to the depths of my soul! Sophisticated progressive electronic, here we have a very fine surgical work with sound – just play Minml and Atmosphere tracks.

To my mind, all the compositions of the album are strongly connected with the circulation of water, blood, liquids. 
I’m not aware where these processes occur - inside the body, in the natural world, in the universe, or maybe it’s 
the sounds of the microcosm. 

The title track Under my Skin is a true example of perfection alchemy of sound. Listening to this music, I definitely had a feeling that this whole album is studying all kinds of manifestations of the water element. A huge number of sounds immerse our consciousness in a special world, making us understand that everything consists of important elements that shape our entire life. In addition, 
I was surprised to learn that all the tracks created only with the help of digital synthesis - I would have never guessed. 

You may listen to the album Gintas KUnder My Skin not only on the cassette – here’s the digital version of this album.