Lorenzo Montanà — Phase IX

The new album of Lorenzo Montanà - Phase IX, released 
on the Projekt label in 2017, is a secluded trip to the secret woods by abandoned mysterious paths. This will be your first unexpected walk through the undiscovered corners of your soul.

Our long and adventurous journey starts with the CD art, which shows what you need to be ready for: the mix between real and unreal, with the reality of the forest to your right and the mystery of the fog to your left, with the listener in the middle.

We start slowly with Land's End, which reveals the new landscape from a different dimension and sets the scene for the whole album. Listen to the sounds and follow the path to cross the border of the real world and enter a new one.

The path has led us to the castle on the hill in Glopsyche Eclipse. The sad keys is the code to enter the castle. Once the keys are pressed in this specific sequence you may enter the castle. Walk carefully and beware, the inhabitants of the castle are somewhere near, you can still see their footprints in the dust.

Dhalg Fu calls the ancient visions. You see old practices and rituals, the nature joins in the slow dance around the fire. Atmospheric percussion is joined by a slopped rhythm and, later, by psychedelic synths, the signature of the musician Lorenzo Montanà. This is a genuine magical art of music that puts you out of your normal state. 
At the end of the track you are not sure what is real and what is not.

In case you got lost in Dhalg Fu, you can look in the Mirror of Consciousness and see that you are still you. Don’t look into it for too long, the rhythm intensifies and the image starts getting blurry. It is a trap!

The sounds of classical piano in Fall's Odyssey is the only stable form on the album, your only touch to the reality. Now, you are ready for the second part of our journey.

Ura Senxet has pagan roots, it is unruly and unrestricted amorphous shape, similar to the fog at the beginning of our journey, hypnotizes you as you watch the fog surround you. And it doesn’t stop here. You follow the path to the Opal Cave, but all you see is fog. Something moving very near, almost touching you, you see shapes and silhouettes, but it is not an animal, neither a human. Then come the sounds of hissing, or is it somebody laughing at the lost traveler? 
I guess you’d be better not knowing what it is.

You are back on the path in Naadmir and shake of the fog of you. You have realized where you are and have found the strength to continue the journey. Now the disturbance and hissing is behind, you have the experience and know where you are going. If the Mirror of Consciousness was a trap, in Naadmir imaginary world shows its admiration of the traveler.

Strings of Patience is your last test, you complete the path and leave the forest, while distant sounds disappear slowly.

Phase IX is a rare pearl in your collection and is to be consumed at once. All tracks fit organically to produce a landscape of unknown, landscape of the distant conscious world, which communicates in the sounds of Phase IX.

Author: Ilya Kudrin