Ran Slavin — Nocturnal Rainbow Rising

A modern city is an ocean of sounds, techno universe,     
with its unique atmosphere, sound landscapes and environment. The album starts with the track Nocturnal Rainbow Rising, which approaches and grows on you, slowly, like the first shadows of a summer evening, and then it gets dark. Very near you can hear a sea, feel its warmth and smell sea salt, the waves wash the beach, take our dreams and return to the sea. Track Suspend in Artanis plays on the strings of our souls. It is one of the most emotional and dynamic parts of the album.
In Summer Clouds Ran Slavin takes you from your room 
to the pinnacle of a hot, slow summer, but don’t sweat it.

All ten tracks of the release – make up a soundtrack for a dreamer, romanticizing inside a megalopolis, filled with hisses, whispers, dry clicks, wobbly bass, distant ambient sounds.

Black Dice is a walk around Shanghai at night, surreal memories rise from the secret pockets of Yu garden and enter your mind. Pixel Travels is one of the gems of the release, a limitless drift in ghostly boroughs, where you have never been. Slavin never composes static music, his works are very livid, pieces come together into a puzzle of dreams. Dreamzone Five Twenty Three is the last track showing a sleeping city in its darkest hour, just before the sunrise.

For those, who are familiar with Ran Slavin works, Insomniac City film (released by Mille Plateaux) and his other release The Wayward Regional Transmissions (Crónica label) this album is the second part of the trip around the cities of nocturnal world. The artwork of the album is synched with the music, as it was designed by Ran himself.

The release Nocturnal Rainbow Rising is available for free download. Enjoy!