Closing The Eternity — Forever And A Day

There are plenty of different recordings of ambient music in this world, perhaps a full ocean, where it’s so easy to be sunk, but the Forever And A Day, the album of Closing The Eternity project exists on this planet as a solid artifact, which can engage both sophisticated listeners and collectors.The album consist of only 3 tracks so as the first and the last one continue about 30 minutes and the second one is a tier between them.

It start with a main track which is named after the album Forever And A Day, here the sound starts from a distant bastion and approaches slowly, unwrapping itself on the way, getting closer and distinct with every second.
Vibrations of astral sea are advancing implacably towards the seashore of our consciousness. 

Endless beautiful and engaging process, one instant and these long hypnotizing waves begin wiping the borderds of inside and inside off.

In The Back Of Beyond – a linking track as if it was a bridge between two worlds over the abyss, it requires slicing carefully along the way. I wouldn’t name this recording as an ambient of outer space, most likely there is a connection with primordial nature before our times, the roots of these sounds go somewhere really far in ancient dreams and mythology of the Earth.

In the last track Alongside The Infinity there is a feeling of being into a wildlife reserve, fairy-tale world of a grey antiquity, when there were no people on the planet. Gigantic water element lies somewhere very close, weird shadows fall down on its surface, and time as a concept completely disappears.

Closing The Eternity – is a project from Yekaterinburg, this musician managed to record over a dozen of albums, including collaboration with Mathias Grassow.

Creation of this album continued about 10 years, finally it was released on Myzyka Voln, Saint Petersburg, Russia, limited edition of 300 copies with authentic design.