Andrew M. McKenzie


Music reviewer

these series of short essays is devised and intended for the wider reflection of the ramifications of whatever "release" or "product" is mentioned. other people have written volumes of opinions which are designed to tell the reader what to think. moreover, many people read reviews - just as they look at advertisements - for confirmation of the correctness of their choice of purchase. what is being offered in these texts is the chance to examine something from a different angle, and the possibility of reaching another dimension which overlaps with those indicated (or omitted from) the work in question. after all, I would not be writing this, nor be interested in, anything which did not at least hint at such possibilities. in many cases, I have no real interest in how the item looks or sounds, and only in the intent - whether the author chose to make that available to us or not - which lies either behind or to the side of it. personal experience which relates to anything presented will be admitted. facts may appear to be something they are not. the point is not to tell you anything you do not know already, but to make you aware of, perhaps, something you do not yet know that you already know. if you want to have an opinion that you can make your own, the advice (presented with the utmost kindness) at this moment and forever onwards is, look elsewhere.