Manne Skafvenstedt — A Silent Manifest


Swedish composer Manne Skafvenstedt releases his fourth record A Silent Manifest. The musician's earlier works are similar to the music of Harold Budd. The current album, however, is based on meticulous piano passages with a touch of field recordings. Manne's jazz background  is evident, but still after a moment it becomes clear that the musician is prone to atmospheric ambient moods, where unhurriedness is the main feature of this musical genre. Also the duration of each composition is quite capacious, unlike long jazz tracks.

We should also note a detailed approach to the sound design of the record. In one of the climactic compositions as dark light, the listener is like a viewer of a movie, watching the landscape around him from different angles, leisurely absorbing the melancholy of what is happening.

A special role in the final result is given to Taylor Deupree, an American sound artist who mastered the record, helping it to maximize its potential.

A Silent Manifest is about finding yourself through self-discovery, a story with a preface, a full-fledged narrative and an afterword. A worthy release and another confident step forward for the composer.


Author: Ilya Kudrin