Alexandre Navarro / Caya — Phases / Dream Vestibuli

The new release from the British label Handstitched is a split of the French sound artist Alexandre Navarro and the musician hiding under the name Caya.

Alexandre's works are called Phases, and his colleague's tracks go under the name Dream Vestibuli. I want to warn you right away that if you think that it's another static drone music, you are deeply mistaken. This release is a triumph of massive and expressive bass parts and numerous intricate melodic moves.

Both musicians' works epitomize the unity of musical ideas, which is especially nice to see at a time when society is isolated for various social reasons. Phases/Dream Vestibuli combines meaningfulness, carefree and thoughtfulness as well as elements of warm memories, taking the listener into a completely personal, intimate space.

The Handstitched lineup of releases definitely continues to delight with a valuable quality, a legibility in a world of music that is full of different sonic material. Creativity and ingenuity are all woven together to form another good album that I highly recommend for listening to.


Author: Ilya Kudrin