Peripheral — 2022 - 11 - 29


A musician and a well-experienced sound artist from Czech Republic Jan Kruml aka Instinct Primal always knew the right trajectory for each music genre. In this particular case, he performed live with another colleague in his field - Jan Faix (also known as a current chief editor of the magazine His Voice) in Prague's club Paliarka.

The truth is that the 25-minute long journey presented by them is a balanced sonic equation and can easily be solved with no previous experience in math. I must say this electroacoustic live is an example when two people on stage don't contradict but rather find ways to communicate.

The only thing that really kept me uncomfortable was the kick drum starting from the 5 minute of the live performance, although I respect the decision of musicians. Free-improvised set carefully combines a quite solid collection of sounds, without going into the harsh aesthetics of deformed noise. In this case the overall image seems clear and predicted, which is the highest art possible.

My imagination created quite bright and hopeful images, although I'm not exactly aware about the visual part during the show. Kruml and Faix certainly fit this role of scientists exploring the inner parts of the strangest deep elements inside of the surface. It's definitely a good experiment that kept me interested and I quite recommend acquaint yourself with their first live performance as the duo Peripheral.


Author: Ilya Kudrin