Phillip Golub — Filters


Now we have one more interesting release from the greyfade label: Filters by Phillip Golub. It's a debut album from a young but already experienced pianist and composer, based in New York. He studied composition as well as piano and improvisation. His solo work is based on repetitive fragments or loops played in real time and carefully selected afterwards. This is some sort of a concept of the album to reproduce the same sequences physically, without any machines or computers.

Each track sounds like a composed piece, reminding music of such composers as Erik Satie or Claude Debussy. But the general atmosphere of the album reminds me a bit of some early ambient works by Brian Eno.

Music played by Golub is very beautiful, environmental, meditative and even romantic, but with some tension inside. It's an excellent album for deep listening. At the same time, it could be used for recreation, or maybe as a soundtrack for something contemplative.


Author: Alexei Borisov