Ard Bit — Music For Delirious Episodes


The work of the Dutch sound artist Ard Janssen, better known under the pseudonym Ard Bit, has always been distinguished by his attention to detail. After three consecutive releases dedicated to field recordings, the musician is once again exploring the nature of these sounds. Music for Delirious Episodes is an album that in my opinion is very psychological. Each second will unwittingly reveal visual hyper-realistic scenes to the attentive listener. Of course, good headphones are recommended to hear all the details of this work. Stylistically, the work can be classified as ambient/drone with very carefully used field recordings. Ard Janssen appears here as a true experimental sound architect: this is a soundtrack that gently builds up the proper level of drama and like a guide leads the listener along. Music For Delirious Episodes is a persistent process of exploring sound, leading to a clear, believable result. The album should be treated like a soundtrack: each scene is clearly delineated here, forming a coherent whole picture.


Author: Ilya Kudrin