Greg Davis — New Primes


New Primes by Greg Davis is the fourth release from Greyfade, a rather young record label from New York City. Stylistically, this label is keeping balance between modern composition, sound research and scientific approach. The new work by Vermont-based electronic musician Greg Davis perfectly fits the artistic concept of Greyfade.

"New Primes is an exploration of the compositional properties of prime numbers…",  made with the help of custom-written software, which is translating prime number sequences into sound. After "paring" his sound materials to the most basic, pure sine tones, Davis creates a collection of compositions, "ranging from the almost-tonal to the harmonically alien".

From my side I'd like to say that the sound of New Primes is clean and beautiful, meditative and deep. All pieces are mathematically balanced and carefully compiled. It's an excellent album for deep listening, as well as for relaxation, if you like, but it has its own internal tension and evolution, which makes the tracks quite radical and dynamical. And it will be interesting, of course, to compare the sound of a vinyl record with its digital alternative.



Author: Alexei Borisov