Permutation — Epicycles

Permutation is the duo of Dmitry Bogdanov and Edgar D-Mode. Having met each other in the mid-2010s at a jam session, the musicians began to collaborate on a common project, strongly influenced by the Detroit scene, electro and old-school IDM of the 90s.

Epicycles is their second EP, which confidently combines all facets of these styles. Eclipse is a composition that creates an airy atmosphere. As soon as I heard Manifold (the second track from the EP), the track pad reminded me of a track by electronic musician Solar X - Pozdno Utrom (Late Morning). And this variety creates an optimal eclecticism, a pronounced lamplight mood that supports a coherent narrative. The closing track Inner Motion is not even the end of the release, but rather an obvious statement that a sequel follows.

Permutation is a project that skillfully brings the retro sound to life in the modern realities of the struggle for the listener's attention.


Author: Ilya Kudrin