Betweenness — Lull


Jörgen Gustafsson, a native of the Swedish city of Jönköping, has already been a central figure of our reviews. That time we reviewed his EP Inch. Now the artist released his second release Lull. This work follows the trajectory that the artist has developed, a warm, minimalistic ambient with the vintage timbres of analog synthesizers added (track Smatter). What is always delighted in such works is the ability to value every note. Lull is also a mixture of two time dimensions: the EP combines the future and the past in an exquisite way. Vangelis references are complemented by digital patterns. The overall mood of the album is cozy. It feels like a story with its protagonists and antagonists, which are confidently and unhurriedly told by Gustafsson . The use of the remix in the EP, created in a completely different stylistics in a danceable rhythm, was a surprise. The work is definitely worth hearing.


Author: Ilya Kudrin