Since 2019, Daisy Emily Warne has tried to balance between a variety of musical directions, combining electro pop / dream pop and elements of industrial sound with mesmerizing vocals. Such rich and versatile style direction hasn't prevented the musician to pay tribute to British sonic culture and spice up her musical mixture with UK Garage in her new mixtape Screamer recorded together 4 other members, including Iglooghost (known thanks to his work with Brainfeeder and Error Broadcast labels).

The squad on the record uses the same methods as in the previous mixtape, they doesn't rock the listener, just teasing him a little at the beginning and then, in the second track SiiCKLE_ unleash the fat sounds of synth lead and bass with a powerful storm, creating the impression that this is nothing other than nostalgia for the dead witch house culture or probably an obsession with UK bass scene which is also an integral part of BABii’s sound palette. Surprisingly, in the third track NECTA_pholo (V.5) there are even some synthwave-timbres.

The mood of the mixtape can be described as a deep dive into a tremendous amount of images and life experiences, presented in a confident way with an obvious coldness and constant hefty motion. This record breathes the fresh, modern air and the idea of commercial approach and quality perfectly work together as a stable music system.

Screamer is like good literature. It keeps the drama flowing from one chapter to another. BABii's youthful high spirits did not disappear, expressing itself in a rather motley lyrics and sound, formulated by her colleagues. How Daisy will move forward with the next albums is hard to judge, but she should definitely keep UK Bass as a main foundation of compositions, because it gives a futuristic feel, but here it all comes down to personal professional qualities and competitiveness skills which I hope are going to be demonstrated later on. The album is another step forward, indicating that the production team is actively working, trying to keep things under a close attention and control.


Author: Ilya Kudrin