Ameeva — Die Wellen


The Ameeva project is a fairly recent phenomenon of experimental electronic music. Alex Busse, who hides behind a pseudonym, is a man born in Girona, Spain, but now living in Berlin. He made his debut in 2020 with the album Fractura del Sueño on the French label Lowless Music.

His current release is a live, recorded specifically for A Strangely Isolated Place series called 9128.live. It's amazing how eclectic each record label album is. Every artist adds a significant contribution, creating a single, massive structure.

Ameeva's live set contains the warmth of nostalgic sound waves, achieved through soul-touching pads, as well as sharp, cutting-edge fragments of field recordings. The spectrum of moods ranges from laid-back to tearful. There is even an element of neoclassical music, thanks to the piano inclusions.

Die Wellen is a classic example of a material that is done in a balanced and professional manner, carefully playing between musical facets, without clutter or understatement.


Author: Ilya Kudrin