Sothiac with Paul Jolly — Superluna


33 Jazz Records is an example of stability in music. The record company has been in operating since 1990, and in that time it has discovered many names that fall under the general category of "contemporary jazz". Under this generalization we mean music ranging from nu jazz (such as the band Ute) with a solid amount of electronics to purely acoustic jazz formations, of which there has been more than enough on the label's horizon lately.

The new release from 33 Jazz Records is the collaboration between the duo Sothiac formed by an Italian guitarist Lucky Liguori and vocalist Pat Moonchy, joined by musician, composer and producer Paul Jolly (who is also the founder of 33 Jazz Records).

The Superluna record has a distinctly apocalyptic mood with avant-garde aftertaste. What's always pleasing in cases like this is the complete freedom of action for sound artists. Pat Moonchy's piercing vocals create a palpable atmosphere of aloofness around us. The nature of the Superluna record is harsh, minimalistic and cold, where only Jolly's bass clarinet saves the listener with its parental warmth.


33 Jazz Records

Author: Ilya Kudrin