JK Flesh — New Religions Old Rules


Justin Broadrick confessed in an interview that fear makes him feel alive. It makes you wonder if there is any fear left in the music of today. Broadrick has been devoting a solid amount of time to JK Flesh lately, with records released annually between 2018 and 2022.

New Religions Old Rules lets the listener know that fear is the first intravenous vaccine the listener should get. The influence of the dystopian, shabby industrial sound on the album is obvious. The repetitive patterns generate provocative, plastic, metallic mazes in the listener's mind in the composition Others To Do Your Dirty Work. Most of the tracks have a patina of healthy cynicism, ulcerating into the mucous membrane.

Herd Mentality's dance-magnetic groove creates a new airy-sounding dimension, awakening animal instincts. New Religions Old Rules is Broadrick's steady movement towards "forbidden" and "contagious" techno in the age of global pandemic.


Author: Ilya Kudrin