Luminet — The Meaning of Low Temperature Physics


The duo Luminet from Sweden in their debut EP The Meaning of Low Temperature Physics offers the listener the cocktail of cold windy ambient with nostalgic sounds of repeating patterns. From a harsh nature, the record takes on a rough, warm sound thanks to the track Crossings. Below Zero showcases a certain section of underwater sea events that are woven together with a synth part. In the composition Blizzard for the first time appears a kick, creating a pulse effect.

The authors of The Meaning Of Low Temperature Physics help experiencing the winter season. The creators resort to different instrumentation, and in the final track Winter's End they sort of splash out all the possible sounds, coloring the soundscape as much as possible.

The mini-album is a good example of the Scandinavian approach to sound, which is a unique phenomenon, people living in the northern part of the Earth on a subconscious level can depict in the sound everything that can be visualized with your own eyes


Author: Ilya Kudrin