MKM: Jason Kahn / Günter Müller / Norbert Möslang — Bangalore

Bangalor is the fifth album of the legendary MKM trio for Moscow-based label Mikroton. Norbert Moslang, Jason Kahn and Gunter Muller are very experienced veterans of Swiss experimental music, highly prolific and advanced. They traveled a lot around the Globe, and one of the countries they visited in 2019 was India. On February 2, they managed to arrange a concert in Bangalor city, at some social space where their special music could be reproduced in real time. As a result we have a 36-minute recording, which represents the atmosphere and vibe of India through the personal approach of each musician. The instrumentation of the trio is very different and rich: Gunter Muller played iPods and some rare electronics, Jason Kahn is famous for his skills with modulars, mixer and radio, and Norbert Moslang is a virtuoso of cracked, mostly everyday electronics, which is not so easy to identify.

The music of this album is not so easy to categorize too, at the first moment it sounds quite randomized and spontaneous, but after more careful listening we could discover it's inner logic, based on very interesting sound combinations, manipulations and intersections. It's obvious that the communication between three musicians is at a very high level. Finally Mikroton and it's chief Kurt Liedwart released another great album of MKM, as usual, carefully recorded, produced and mastered. Bangalor is also available as a beautifully designed LP and in a digital format as well.