Glossographs — False Owls


False Owls is an EP recorded by Chris Dooks during his 30 day residency run by the Scottish Sculpture Workshop and The Counterflows festival. The main instrument of this recording is a slightly detuned and seemingly rather old piano. The sound of this piano is nice, with its own timbre and character, just like most of the old instruments once discovered somewhere in a dusty corner of a shed or a studio. Nevertheless, the work of Chris, with assistance from Michael Hautemulle and some colleagues from the residency, is not as simple and primitive as many would guess. Melancholic piano melodies are nicely decorated with a beautiful ambience based on field recordings, environmental sounds and soft electronics. In conclusion, I’d like to say that False Owls EP is excellent sound material for relaxation or meditation and could also work as a sonic background for any creative process like painting or anything of the kind.



Author: Alexei Borisov