Carl Michael von Hausswolff & Chandra Shukla — Travelogue [Nepal]


Carl Michael von Hausswolff, the legendary sound artist and producer from Sweden is widely known in the world of experimental music and contemporary art.  In cooperation with his younger colleague from the US, Chandra Shukla, he made a seven-day trip to Nepal with an idea to find the sonic atmosphere of this small mountainous and rather closed country, located in South Asia. They used different devices, professional and budget, to record the local sounds of, diverse and rich in nature:  temples, pagodas and other sacred places, urban spaces and more.

As a result, they have made an excellent album of four longform tracks, based on the sounds recorded during this expedition, which took place in September 2019.

The album of CM von Hausswolff and Chandra Shukla is not a standard collection of field recordings or natural sounds, it's much more interesting and complex. It makes an impression of real music, meditative, beautiful and carefully produced. The sound of the album is very rich, full of micro and macro sounds, natural noises and deep atmospheres. This work is the first in a series of collected international audio diaries and, I hope, one of many.



Author: Alexei Borisov