Mick Harris — NedNod Nine

Mick Harris of Birmingham, UK is a legendary name in the land of modern extreme and experimental music. In 1991, Mick quit his career as a drummer in Napalm Death, a famous thrash metal/grindcore band, and became a well-known figure in the field of post-industrial and electronic music. His projects such as Lull and Scorn cemented his reputation as a highly prolific producer of drone, dark ambient and "dark hop" in combination with noise, dub, drum and bass and other related styles and sub-genres. His name is also associated with various projects and bands, including Painkiller with John Zorn and Bill Laswell, cult industrial acts Godflesh and Pigface, collaborations with James Plotkin, Justin Broadrick, Martyn Bates and many others.

Harris' latest album is the ninth volume of HedNod. It is a selection of tracks stylistically more connected to the project Scorn, organized by Mick back in 1991 in cooperation with Napalm Death's original bassist/lead singer Nick Bullen. After 1995, Harris resumed producing classic minimalistic industrial trip-hop, mostly solo, and sometimes as Scorn. HedNod Nine sounds great, just like Mick's albums from the past. Heavy trip-hop beats, an oscillated distorted bass and deep low frequencies, a lot of micro and macro sounds, noises and ambiences in the background - a trademark of Mick's very personal and unique style. Moreover, due to the rather slow and meditative but very catchy rhythms and vibes of all the tracks it's almost impossible to stop headbanging while listening.


Mick Harris