Leo Alves & Juan Antonio Nieto — Data


Data is a new joint work by two sound artists Leo Alves from Brazil and Juan Antonio Nieto from Spain. This album is not just a pure experimental recording, but also a clear political statement against fascist and totalitarian regimes. Both countries have had an experience with dictatorships in the 20th century, always tragic and disastrous for many people. Unfortunately, Leo's grandfather Mario Alves disappeared in 1970 during the Brazilian military dictatorship. On another hand, Data is also a sonic protest against the recent attempt of the Brazilian federal government to turn the tragic memorial day that commemorates the victims of the 1964 military coup (March 31st - April 1st) into a national day.

The tracklist of Data features testimonies of former political prisoners and their torturer, major Valter da Costa Jacaranda of the military, which make this album a unique audio account of that era. Various archive recordings, special guest participation on some of the tracks and modern mixing techniques work excellently in combination with each other. It makes Data a great example of musique concrete of high quality and skill. In my opinion, collecting this album is important not only for experimental music fans, but also for all young people who aren't indifferent to the political situation in their home countries and around the world in general.