Kangding Ray — Branches

Kangding Ray presents his new record Branches of which the opening track Doppler Shift is a jet-propelled inebriated techno that makes you feel like you're being squished between two closing walls. The second track continues the already set mood.

The overall image and sound trajectory change on the track Salt And Iron where the musician goes ham on a more atmospheric kind of sound, which one can clearly identify as deep techno.

Upon listening to the composition Robust Version Nine, one might feel as if riding a virtual elevator, going higher and higher without ever slowing down.

If we were to compare this EP to one of David Letellier's last year releases, Stock, the difference would be apparent: there are no long ambient passages. Get ready for a hypnotic techno that doesn't linger around.

Kangding Ray keeps confidently balancing on the edge between dancing and experimental cultures, while masterfully maneuvering between those two musical phenomena, which allows his signature sound to remain unpredictable. Branches is megalopolis movement incarnate, where the daytime never comes.