Tapage — Recover

Tijs Ham aka Tapage is known as a representative of a long gone label Tympanik Audio. As of late, the artist has been associated with the Dutch label Moving Furniture, based in Amsterdam, that mostly publishes various kinds of minimal electronics. His latest release Recover is full of braindance-like flair: convoluted, peculiar rhythm sections and extremely atmospheric melodies that radiate freshness.

Even though the album Recover begins with braindance, the situation drastically changes by the 4th track where we can hear rich ambient accompanied by some background industrial sounds. It is as if we were exposed to the soundtrack of a mysterious dust-filled Martian city.

The track Peepsqueek is meant to completely wake the listener up with its dense pads and extremely aggressive drums that seem to relentlessly crush everything in the world. This piece is the first one to finally shake up the audience and satisfy their thirst for roughness in sound.

Able to NSet is a sweet lullaby and the most universal part of the album, one that plunges a multitude of sweet spiky pills under the skin of the listener. Recover is like a little snake that slithers away from you by constantly changing its inner mood.

It is highly pleasant to see that the album features a collaboration between Tapage and the project Access To Arasaka, a cybernetic sound incarnate which was created by Rob Lioy.

Recover has turned out to be a quality release, executed within the framework of the developed over many years signature style of the musician. It is quite likely to cause a sweet smile on the face of the generation whose young appearance has turned to a mature experienced visage.