Two K — Environmental Framework


The world has been introduced to a brand new group, a collaboration between Lithuanian sound artist Gintas K and musician Jan Kruml known mostly through his solo project Instinct Primal. The debut track Myths (Remix 1)  allows one to dive into the world of free improvisation, a genuine scratchy acoustic space that pierces the listener with its freedom of self-expression. Each artist has carefully approached the task of reworking each other's tracks. The truly fascinating fact is that both artists' sound universes manage to co-exist: the angularity of Jan Kruml and the signature granular synthesis of Gintas K, which has already become the artists' business card.

The piece  Phono that we have already heard on Gintas K's album Under My Skin slightly dilutes the sound arsenal of the album with the level of its crystal-like nature while simultaneously being shaped with the careful manipulation of Jan Kruml.

Environmental Framework contains a great amount of genres and directions for one simple reason: so that either artist has to limit himself while creating new material. Almost The End (Drone RMX) combines elements of mechanicalness and crunchiness while being enriched by a touching drone-landscape.

The apotheosis of the whole thing is Invite Round For A Cup Of Tea (Noisebient RMX), very tense in its nature, it shakes the very neural system of the audience with its magical bass line and through combining field recordings with overdriven noise, which introduces into one's imagination a fragmented black and white visualization.

We would like to point out that Environmental Framework excellently complement each other. Jan Kruml's style, a shell made out of acoustic spikiness and a sense of the natural, and Gintas K's sound that symbolizes a series of short interconnected events. The space is felt as if through macro photography, fully detailed landscapes are pretty much guaranteed for the audience.