Simon Tassano & Eddy Sayer — Waterglass

It is quite widespread and popular nowadays to rediscover old recordings, especially when it comes to electronic or experimental music. Fortunately, modern technologies allow us to get the sounds of the past in a quite accessible and good quality form.

Waterglass was released as a cassette in 1984 by Sayno Productions. Designed by Jon Wozencroft, originally it was a soundtrack which would aid artist Sheila Stewart in painting seascapes at Studio One and Quarter North London the same year.

Waterglass itself is a rather long track of more than 44 minutes, recorded in an improvised way at Elephant Studios in London. It is based on water and wave sounds (it is easy to notice that during listening), and it slowly mutates into something akin to noise ambient with an industrial flavor, mostly due to the percussions both musicians actively used during the recording session.

In its current state, the track is a remastered version by Simon Tassano, produced in February 2021 in Rumiville, Austin, Texas. Of course, it would be great to find an original cassette version somewhere, which was released more than 30 years ago, but the remastered copy that we have at our disposal now sounds great as well.