Gintas K — The Ways

Famous Lithuanian electronic musician and composer Gintas K (Gintas Kraptavicius) began his year with yet another solid release, thus contributing to his already vast discography consisting of 36 full LPs and a large amount of compilations and collaborations. Last year, Gintas released an excellent concept album Amnesia (please refer to the Data.Wave review of it) which, in my personal opinion, further increased the musical scope of his work.

This time around, the musician decided to demonstrate his signature approach to sound editing, its processing and formatting. The title of the album, The Ways, could probably be interpreted as "the means" or "the methods", which would make it a reference to the ways and methods of creating music in real time, although the words "path" and "direction" could also be applied in this context. In fact, what we're looking at is an improvisation that got recorded with software and a midi-controller, without any additional layering.

The result is 10 tracks of very dense electronic sound, which simultaneously manages to stay rather diverse in terms of focus and saturation. The compositions of the album could easily be branded abstract, yet, upon careful examination, one can discover micro and macro-structures, various vibrations and even sequences. The process that is being taught to us by Gintas is infinite in its nature. It is no coincidence that the last track is called Infinity Way. One can only hope there will be a sequel!