Mantra OverDub — Travel Experiences

The first album by Mantra OverDub, a trio from Amsterdam, is a complex rhythmical journey. The guys are specialists in light and sound engineering, very experienced people in club, festival and studio activities in and around their town. As a result we have a very nice album of 14 tracks, combining different styles and elements of modern electronic dance music, carefully balanced and mixed. Theoretically this work could be categorized as IDM or something like that. But at the same time, we discover fragments of dub and break-beat, mostly due to the active usage of reverb and delay, ambient and drone, industrial, noise and techno, jazzy chords and even traces of trance. Most of the tracks are supplied with beautiful and minimalistic melodies, which make this music very listenable and even pleasant.

This album could be used for meditation, chilling, driving, physical exercises, walking, painting and, of course, dancing, especially at night time or earlier in the morning, when the party is coming to an end.


Mantra OverDub