Tricky — Fall To Pieces

Adrian is back with his new album after the pause that lasted three years. When he began working on material in 2019, he had to cope with the tragedy: his little daughter, Mazy, passed away. This is the second release by Tricky, that has to do with the loss of musician’s closest people. His most profit-making album, Maxinquaye, was inspired by his mother, who died, when Adrian was four years old. 
The very first seconds of Fall to Pieces introduce the listener to the grim synth-pop sound. Unaware, he is drawn back to the 1980-s by the ascetic, timid rhythm-section that arouses familiar feelings. He is guided, hopelessly, by the sound, cold and rigorous as it is. The tragedy manifests itself in every note. 

9 out of 11 compositions are accompanied by the vocal of Marta Złakowska, the songstress, who has already participated in Tricky’s previous works, EP 20.20 and compilation Test of Time.
Close Now proceeds with the same dark sound, and Marta’s enchanting vocal merges with Tricky’s voice inlays. The rhythm-section is absent.
Hate This Pain is the key track of the album. Tricky’s recitative is cold, confident, sincere and desperate at the same time. 
The acoustic guitar sounds can be heard on Running Off, with its vocal part performed by Danish indie-pop songstress Nanna Fabricius. The song, however, transforms into the electronic piece in the middle, following the general thread of the album.
Fall to Pieces is a credible synth-pop, enveloped in the harsh, hard-edged form. Its up to listeners to decide, which Tricky is better.