Alexandre Navarro — 26 impressions de l'âme

It is obvious that a professional music degree allows an artist to expand their creative possibilities. Musician Alexandre Navarro is among those kinds of artists, as he finished the conservatory of Bordeaux where he studied electro-acoustic, concrete and electronic music.

I've gotten my hands on his album with the title of 26 impressions de l'âme.The duration of the tracks on this release enables us to speak of its conceptuality: none of the compositions are longer than 1-2 minutes.

Already starting with the first piece, it is easy to understand that this is a rather pulsating and dynamic ambient with a cyclical basis. The compositions stand out with their bright, prominent melodicity, dense harmony that sometimes gets swapped with innocent naivety. The audience gets the sensation of diving into a sonic body of water. The use of an acoustic guitar in track 22 comes as a nice surprise, considering the predominantly electronic nature of the entire work. The release also features meticulously bundled cracking glitches, diligently drawn sonic static interference and voice samples.

The music of the album is something that makes you think, and I wouldn't recommend listening to it incidentally. It demands a thoughtful, meaningful and truly interested hearing. In my opinion, the work of Alexandre Navarro could become an amazing soundtrack for a movie with a convoluted plot.

26 impressions de l'âme is an example of equally academic and experimental ambient, which is the reason to draw attention to it in today's ocean of music.

Alexandre Navarro

Author: Ilya Kudrin