Aleksandar Koruga — Line of Aion

Aleksandar Koruga, a Croatian musician who currently resides and works in the Netherlands, has brought us joy in the form of a release called Line of Aion. It came out on a Roman label Mossa Records whose speciality is noise, electroacoustic and IDM music.

The album Line of Aion starts with a composition called Fiend iter that combines rough sonic layers with a vibrating rhythm and juicy crunching sounds. It is as if the artist was meticulously drawing a picture in the genre of abstract expressionism right in front of the audience. One could feel the paint form premeditated complex structures. An attentive listener might spot a sneaky ambient melody.

Aleksandar Koruga's experiments are based on a synthesis of "new forms inbetween algorithmic and club music", which seems quite curious thanks to the author's signature style.

The Atopon composition features a degree of sonic erraticity, it continues the path of "digitalism" in the album. It all sounds pretty technological, considering the general theme of the release.

Round segment on the other hand stands out with a more spiky mechanical, electricized kind of sound, reminiscent of the digital errors and noises of an old TV. The rhythm section starts in a rather ascetic way, and later on acquires those rather familiar "crunchy" qualities. The melody starts as repetitive and static, but turns melancholic and touching closer to the middle part, thus compensating for the general harshness of the release.

Line of Aion feels trustworthy. While listening to it, you can feel the author lead the way in front of you, and you are certain that he knows what he is doing. I recommend this album to anyone who enjoys original experiments, and personally, I'd like to wish further success to the artist.

Mossa Records

Author: Ilya Kudrin