Biosphere — Dropsonde [Reissue with bonus album]

Biosphere is a solo project of Norwegian electronic musician and composer Geir Jenssen, a native dweller of Tromsø. The project has been very known and held in high esteem since the early 90s, when Geir pioneered the so-called ambient techno. Until now, the general direction of Biosphere's music has traditionally been described as ambient, while in reality it is much wider stylistically and conceptually. The reissued album Dropsonde, (originally released by the well known UK label Touch in 2006 and now joined with an additional album of seven previously unreleased recordings) is just an example of such a differential approach to producing a multi-disciplined record.

Of course, the elements of ambient are represented in the album, but all those atmospheric sounds and soundscapes are carefully mixed with minimalistic rhythms and pulsations, micro and macro sounds, field recordings, smooth harmonies and melodies. The jazzy elements (or moods) of the album make it dynamically and emotionally diverse, less indiscrete but not less concentrated. In conclusion, the extended version of Dropsonde is a very beautiful work, a highly recommended album almost for anyone. Moreover, it's an excellent example of contemporary electronic music in general and unique collector's item for the fans of vinyl records.

Biophon Records

Author: Alexei Borisov